General Dentistry in Bondi Junction

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As part of our commitment to offering exceptional dentistry to the families of Bondi Junction, NSW and the surrounding neighbourhoods, we strive to provide comprehensive dental treatments designed to keep every member of your family looking and feeling their best.

Your dental health is an essential part of your overall health and wellbeing. Our goal is to prevent, restore and improve smiles based on the desires of our patients.

If you’re seeking dentistry from a dental team who cares in Bondi Junction, NSW, we invite you to contact Dentist in the Park to arrange exams for your family.

Meanwhile, we invite you to take a look at the questions we often hear from patients looking for dentistry in Bondi Junction, NSW.

What is preventive dentistry in Bondi Junction, NSW?

Dr Quill strives to prevent dental conditions before they start because maintaining your health is the best approach to help with long-term healthy smiles.

Our comprehensive preventive dental services include:

  • Dental examinations—including cancer screenings to catch dental issues early
  • Cleanings—to clear away the bacteria that may lead to periodontal disease (gum disease)
  • X-rays—for early diagnosis
  • Fluoride treatment—to arm teeth against cavity-causing bacteria
  • Sealant application—to lock food and debris away from tooth enamel
  • Personalised treatment plans—to meet your unique dental needs

We carefully look after your oral health and make recommendations as it changes. We all face health challenges when managing illness and ageing and as we encounter stress. Dr Quill’s recommendations will change with you, supporting a lifelong, healthy smile.

At Dentist in the Park, we customise our treatment plans to each family member, and we work hard to make your dental treatments efficient and comfortable.

How is preventive dentistry different from general dentistry?

Preventive dentistry considers a variety of treatments and good practices designed to prevent dental health issues. These practices include exams and cleans, x-rays, fluoride treatments, sealants, custom treatment schedules and an excellent oral hygiene routine.

Everything your dentist does or recommends that you do to preserve your smile may be considered preventive dentistry in Bondi Junction, NSW.

General dentistry deals with oral health maintenance when something is awry. It includes the treatments necessary to restore oral health. General dentistry services can consist of tooth-coloured fillings, root canals, restorations, extractions and even dental implants to restore your bite.

Do you see patients of all ages?

At Dentist in the Park, our Bondi Junction, NSW dentist sees children and adults—from toddlers to seniors, and he has experience across all age groups.

We recommend bringing your child around the time of his or her first tooth. This way, our dentist can monitor the way his or her teeth are coming in. The first visit is designed to examine your child’s teeth and help them feel comfortable in a dental setting.

Our dentist in Bondi Junction is great with kids and able to build trusting relationships with his youngest patients.

We continue adding services to your child’s dentistry as he or she ages. We take a particular interest in prevention, including cavity prevention, and may recommend fluoride treatments to help protect your child’s teeth.

Our dental team understands that all children are different. Our dentist will always customise treatments based on your child’s exam results.

We look forward to treating your child’s dental needs into adulthood.

What is periodontal treatment?

Gum disease is one of the most common preventable conditions experienced by Australian adults. Since the condition is mostly avoidable, we focus on educating and demonstrating proper oral care to our patients.

We treat periodontal disease with a deep cleaning followed by maintenance appointments to control infection and inflammation. Treatment is essential as research has identified strong links between oral health and systemic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, certain types of cancer and respiratory illnesses. Periodontal disease is also a common cause of tooth loss.

In the gingivitis stage—a precursor to periodontal disease—our Bondi Junction, NSW dentist may be able to reverse the course and return your smile to health.

Signs of periodontal disease include:

  • Bad breath or unpleasant taste in the mouth
  • Receding gums
  • Toothaches
  • Tooth sensitivity to cold and hot
  • Bleeding gums

The goals of our periodontal treatment in Bondi Junction, NSW are to save your teeth and relieve your symptoms.

Do you offer tooth-coloured restorations?

Few of us will escape the need for a dental restoration at some point during our lives. We use tooth-coloured materials that will complement, rather than detract from your smile. We use these aesthetics for fillings, crowns, veneers, onlays and inlays, crowns, bridges, dentures and all other restorations. This course means no metal to interrupt your smile.

Tooth-coloured restorations are always hued to blend in and not stand out. Children can also benefit from tooth-coloured fillings in Bondi Junction, NSW.

What tooth-replacement options do you offer?

Losing a tooth no longer means a gap in your smile. We offer affordable and effective treatments to replace missing teeth, including:

  • Dental implants—thin posts of sturdy titanium designed to hold a restoration tooth
  • Bridges—coupled with crowns to fill the gap in your smile
  • Dentures—for complete tooth loss
  • Partial dentures—for partial tooth loss
  • All-on-4® implant-retained dentures—for an affixed solution to tooth loss

The option that will work best for you depends on your goals for your smile, budget and your current oral health.

We look forward to helping you find a solution that makes the most sense for you.

Why is oral care important if I have restorations?

Preventive and general dentistry are crucial to your oral health, whether you have restorations or not. Without proper oral care and regular dental visits, you risk gum disease—even if you wear dentures.

Good oral health is also an essential factor leading into cosmetic dentistry.

Having a smile that makes you feel self-conscious can affect nearly every aspect of your life. We offer procedures ranging from simple bonding and teeth whitening to solutions for complex cases and full smile makeovers.

Often, addressing a misaligned bite by opting for Invisalign or Damon® 3 is a great place to start. Straight smiles are healthier, more comfortable, and easier to restore with crowns and veneers for impressive results.

Why do I need a crown instead of a filling following root canal therapy?

If infection weakened your tooth, a simple dental filling might not be enough to keep the tooth viable. A dental crown caps the tooth, absorbs bite force and helps prevent breakage.

Are dental procedures painful?

Our Bondi Junction dental team believes that dentistry should not cause pain. We use nitrous oxide and other pain-relieving options to help provide a more relaxed dental experience.

Nitrous oxide is a safe gas that allows you to feel relaxed during your dental procedure. With nitrous oxide, we can perform nearly any procedure with little to no discomfort.

We also use warm anesthetic, with computerised delivery instructions, to provide a faster and more comfortable numbing experience.

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