Dentist In The Park


Technology makes many aspects of life easier, more accessible, and accurate. Dentistry is no different, and Dr Quill incorporates the latest technology into our dental practice to make treatment more successful and comfortable for our patients. Listed here are some of the technologies we feature in our Bondi Junction dental clinic.

Digital impressions

Rather than using uncomfortable an imperfect impression paste, we use the latest computer technology to digitally scan the teeth for greater accuracy and comfort. This also provides ease when communicating with dental laboratories, dental plans and to store in your patient chart.

The Wand® painless injections

Most of the pain usually associated with a dental injection comes from the speed at which the anaesthetic is delivered. To address this, the Wand® system uses computer assistance to deliver anaesthetic at the optimal speed and temperature, while also using a unique vibration system to distract nerves during delivery. The result is a more comfortable and more effective solution to local sedation.​

Nitrous oxide sedation

To address any possible fear associated with dental treatments, we offer the option of Nitrous Oxide Sedation. This is a mild sedative that is safe and extremely effective when it comes to making your dental experience more relaxing, which is why it is often referred to as laughing gas or happy gas. Just ask about this at the time of your appointment.


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