Root Canal Treatment in Bondi Junction

Oftentimes, patients have negative associations to root canal therapy. It is important, however, to recognise that root canals provide a valuable service for our patients – they help us save diseased teeth.

Much of the negative mythology surrounding root canal treatment is because people often associate them with pain. Dr Brendan Quill provides effective root canal treatment that actually relieves pain and restores health.

When root canal therapy becomes necessary

Root Canal Diagram | Bondi Junction NSW An infection inside the tooth, near the nerve or an abscess near the tip of the root of the tooth means that a root canal is necessary in order to avoid a dental extraction.

Root canal signs and symptoms

Sometimes an infected tooth is asymptomatic and Dr Quill detects it with routine dental x-rays. Other times, symptoms evolve over the course of days or weeks and can include:

  • Inflammation or swelling
  • Pain, especially when biting down
  • Sensitivity to temperature
  • Discolouration
  • A small bump on the gums

When considering whether to contact our Bondi Junction dental clinic, please remember that pain is a sign that something is wrong. It may worsen with time and put your oral health at risk.

We welcome you to get in touch by telephoning us to discuss your symptoms and how we can help.

Woman at Dentist | Bondi Junction Our gentle approach to root canal procedures

Often, when patients present in our clinic, they feel the pain caused by inflammation. The purpose of your appointment is to eliminate pain and protect your health.

We use an innovative anaesthetic application method with The Wand®. Using computer-aided delivery and vibration, we deliver anaesthetic in the most comfortable way possible. Many of our patients are surprised by how easy and comfortable it feels.

If you have anxiety about treatment, we also offer nitrous oxide sedation for stress-free appointments.
Next, Dr Brendan Quill will remove all signs of infection – including bacteria and damaged tissue. He will sterilise the area, apply medication to promote healing and fill the canal of the tooth.

Post-root canal treatment

After a root canal, it is completely normal to feel a little sensitivity for a few days. As your body heals the area, any residual discomfort will subside. 

Dr Quill will place a restoration on the tooth to protect it. Root canal teeth are often more brittle, so a dental crown is one of the best solutions since it completely covers the remaining tooth structure. We offer tooth-coloured dental crowns that match adjacent teeth for a natural look.

Are you experiencing a toothache?

Our Dentist in the Park team prioritises emergencies and strives to treat them quickly. We welcome you to contact us with any dental condition that causes pain or concern, so we can help you get back on track to excellent oral health and a comfortable smile.