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We offer a full range of treatment procedures that help you maintain optimum oral health and improved wellness. We have a special interest in cosmetic dentistry solutions that are designed to create a natural appearance while also addressing practical considerations.
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Welcome to Our Practice

Welcome to Dentist in the Park, the general and cosmetic dentistry practice of Dr Brendan Quill and his team of dedicated dental professionals.

We welcome new patients of all ages and look forward to meeting you. Before you come in for your first scheduled appointment at our Bondi Junction, NSW dental clinic, we invite you to take a look below to get to know our practice better. We also welcome your call to ask us any questions if you need further information about your appointment or your dental care.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Dr Brendan Quill has over 20 years of experience and is passionate about delivering high-quality dentistry that he would want for his friends and family. He is well known in the Bondi Junction, NSW area for the easy rapport he builds with patients.

Dr Quill continually updates the technology at our Bondi Junction, NSW dental clinic, his professional skills and the way we provide dental care, so you always receive the best that modern dentistry has to offer.

Dentistry Tailored for You

At Dentist in the Park, we understand that no two patients are alike, and we appreciate that you will have personal preferences for your treatment. We present all your conditions with complete honesty and provide a range of options for you to consider. Your dental treatment plan is then designed to meet your personal goals.

Prevention Is Crucial to Good Oral Health

Addressing minor issues before they become a major problem is always the best approach to dental health. So, if you haven't had a dental examination for a while, why not contact our Bondi Junction, NSW dental surgery for an initial consultation. We'll provide a comprehensive report which lets you know exactly where you stand, and we'll be happy to recommend a treatment plan if necessary.

Our goal is to treat oral conditions early when they are easier and less expensive to treat. To make it easier and more manageable, we can prioritise treatment in a way that allows you to address the most immediate needs first and phase out the remaining treatment procedures over the next months or even years.

If you have questions about recommended treatment, benefits or how to fit your dentistry into your budget, contact our Bondi Junction dental clinic for an evaluation with Dr. Brendan Quill.

The Dental Treatments Your Family Needs


If your teeth and gums are healthy but you don’t like the way your smile looks, talk to Dr Quill about how cosmetic dentistry at our Bondi Junction, NSW dental clinic could provide improvements.

Paediatric Dentistry

Good oral health starts early, so it’s crucial to bring kids to see us so we can check development and keep baby teeth healthy.

Crowns and Bridges

For damaged or missing teeth, our Bondi Junction, NSW dental clinic offers natural-looking crowns and bridges.

Periodontal Care

With a good preventive care programme that includes twice yearly visits to the dentist, you can keep gums healthy. If you do have gum infection, we can provide treatment to protect your teeth.


In addition to general and cosmetic dentistry, Dr Quill has a special interest in innovative orthodontic solutions designed to straighten teeth and achieve a comfortable bite. We also offer Invisalign clear braces at our Bondi Junction, NSW dental clinic.

Sleep Apnoea and Snoring

If you snore or have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnoea, oral appliance therapy can provide an effective solution to achieve a more rejuvenating night's sleep.

Tooth Replacement

The loss of teeth can present a number of health challenges, and many patients can feel very self-aware of their altered appearance. At our Bondi Junction, NSW dental surgery, we can address these situations with dental bridges, dentures and dental implant procedures.

A Friendly Atmosphere

We understand that visiting a dentist may not be your favourite activity, so we take special care to provide a professional and friendly environment where all our patients can feel relaxed and comfortable.

Putting Off Dental Treatment

When you seek dental advice at Dentist in the Park, we feel it is our responsibility to inform you of any dental conditions and offer all of your treatment options. Of course, the choice is yours to make.

Since we offer a number of alternatives to address most oral health issues, we hope you will find one that provides you with a solution.

If you choose not to follow through with any treatment, we will respect that as well. But it is important to remember that minor dental conditions can progress when left untreated. While we cannot predict the future, we have seen dental decay develop into an infection that requires an extraction and a broken tooth split down the middle.

Treatment Costs

At Dentist in the Park, we strive to keep our fees affordable and to provide a great value for our patients by maintaining the highest standards of professional care. While we work with all health funds at our Bondi Junction, NSW dental clinic, we are not preferred providers in any insurance plan. This allows us to provide the type of care that works best for our patients without the intervention of health funds, who often dictate the type of care that patients can have.

We work hard to maximise patient benefits and seek fast reimbursement for care. We will always provide a treatment estimate prior to beginning your procedure so you can avoid unwelcome financial surprises.

We believe that dentistry should be a choice between you and your practitioner. Our team will work with you to help you fit your necessary dentistry into your budget so that you can have the care you need to keep your smile looking and feeling its best.

If you ever have questions about your treatment, the necessity of having it done or about the cost of care, we encourage you to contact our Bondi Junction, NSW dental clinic with your enquiries. Our solution-oriented team is both knowledgeable and willing to help you find a solution.

Concerns About Painful Treatment

At Dentist in the Park, we believe all dentistry can be a painless experience. By using some of the most advanced anaesthetic delivery methods and sedation with nitrous oxide, we can perform nearly any procedure with little to no discomfort.

We use the Wand® Anaesthetic System, which begins by applying a topical anaesthetic to the area for improved comfort.

The pain from anaesthetic comes from delivering it into the tissue. The Wand® uses computer assistance to warm anaesthetic at the right temperature and speed for comfortable injections. It also vibrates, soothing the nerves during application. The result is an injection that is easier than ever to tolerate. Most patients don’t even realise that we have completed the process because it is so comfortable.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

For patients who feel a little nervous about visiting the dentist, we offer nitrous oxide sedation. Nitrous oxide is the mildest and safest form of dental sedation available at our Bondi Junction, NSW dental clinic. We deliver it through a small nose mask in a blend with oxygen. Dr. Quill controls the sedation level throughout your procedure to ensure you stay relaxed.

One of the big benefits of nitrous oxide sedation is that it enters and leaves your system quickly, making it possible for you to resume normal activities within minutes after we stop delivering the sedative.

When It’s Time for Your Next Dental Exam

We welcome you to contact us to arrange an appointment and look forward to seeing your smile at our Bondi Junction, NSW dental surgery.