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3 Ways Dental Cleans Protect Your Smile

August 25, 2019
Posted By: Dentist in the Park

It seems like life gets busier and busier. For professionals and families, finding time for regular dental cleans and check-ups in Bondi Junction can be a real challenge. At Dentist in the Park, Dr Brendan Quill would like you to know that routine dental check-ups and cleans are one of the best ways to avoid spending more time (and money) in the dental clinic in the future. 

Here are three reasons why dental cleans are so important to oral health (and overall wellness).

#1 Dental Cleans Remove Tartar That Collects

Even if you carefully brush and floss your teeth every single day, the mechanics of toothbrushes and floss are limited. Plaque still collects in those hard-to-reach places, like between the teeth and beneath the gum line. A professional clean removes all of the hard, bacteria-filled tartar from your teeth. You can tell just by running your tongue across your teeth and feeling the smooth ‘fresh start’ you get with every six-month dental clean in our Bondi Junction dental clinic.

#2 Healthy Gums for a Healthy Smile

When tartar collects, it irritates delicate gum tissue. The bacteria in tartar cause inflammation, redness and sensitivity in the gums – otherwise known as gum disease. Your clean removes the tartar (and damaging bacteria) for healthy gums and a healthy smile.

#3 Monitoring Your Oral Health

When your Bondi Junction dentist Dr Quill has an opportunity to examine your oral health every six months (or sometimes more frequently), he can spot dental disease early when it’s usually easier to treat.

Skipping too many dental check-up and clean appointments can lead to advanced conditions, like infections and decay, that require more time (and sometimes money) to treat. At Dentist in the Park, we always say that the best dentistry is the dentistry that keeps you healthy and comfortable.

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